Churchill’s Great-Grandson Speaks in Richmond

Churchill’s Great-Grandson Speaks in Richmond

Noted Speaker is Top Expert on Famous Great-Grandfather

In today’s world, very few people have a verifiable connection to history. One of the lucky ones who does is Jonathan Churchill Sandys, great-grandson to the famed prime minister, who spoke at a gathering in Historic Downtown Richmond Texas this Saturday, February 11th. Churchill Sandys, who appeared at Richmond’s Masonic Lodge, is a noted speaker who wants to bring more depth to our understanding of Churchill -- going beyond the classic historical character to shed a little more light on the man himself.

Quoted above, Churchill Sandys spoke as follows about his great-grandfather:

“My great grandfather was a brilliant man. His leadership skills, his quotes, his service to his country continue to be a hot topic even today. Most any time you turn on the television, you will hear someone quoting my great-grandfather. But what a lot of people do not know, is that he had a wicked sense of humor and was also an artist.”

Churchill Sandys himself, aged 35, has enjoyed international attention as one of the most renowned speakers on the subject of Winston Churchill. He focuses on the war-time leader's message of “never giving up,” while drawing our attention to historical tidbits that most fans of Churchill may not know. For example, the future prime minister faced a great deal of adversity in his early years as a confirmed dyslexic.

According to the report above, Churchill Sandys himself now lives mainly in the state of Texas. He first visited there after receiving an invitation to speak from then-First Lady Barbara Bush.